Native American Kachinas

The Hopi Indians live in Pueblos on and around three Mesas in Northern Arizona in the center of the Navajo reservation. They are bound together by their religion which includes and depends on Kachina spirits. Kachinas are the spirit essence of everything in the world of the Hopi Indians. The Kachina season begins in late December and starts the dances which continue through July. The Kachinas dance for precipitation, the growth of crops and the increase of both wild and domestic plants and animals. Kachina dolls are carved to give to children at these dances.

The Hopi Indians carve Kachinas out of cottonwood root. They have been carving hopi kachina dolls for sale since the mid-1800’s and the detail has gotten considerably more fine since the 1960’s. A Kachina carved from one piece of wood with very fine detail will be much more expensive than one with more added pieces. One with a lot of motion will be more expensive than a Kachina that is standing still.

Collectors should make sure that Kachinas are carved by Hopi Indians as opposed to a Navajo copy. The Kachinas have no significance to the Navajos. We buy only Hopi Kachinas Dolls directly from the artists.

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