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Hoel’s, Linking Artist to Collector

We are very appreciative of the talents of Hopi Kachina carvers and are happy to provide a link between the artist and the collector. Michael Talahytewa recently hand-crafted a spectacular Eagle Dancer. He photographed the process from cottonwood root to finished Kachina. We have made a short video showing the artistry and work that goes into hand-crafting a Hopi Kachina. Enjoy!!

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Hoel’s Native American Art & Jewelry

Hoel’s Indian Shop is your source for stunning Native American Jewelry, Hopi Kachinas/Katsinas, Navajo Rugs and Pueblo Pottery.  We have been bringing the world the greatest variety of authentic Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo creations in Oak Creek Canyon north of Sedona for over 70 years. Our collection includes Native American Rings, Native American Necklaces, Native American Bracelets, Vintage Native American Jewelry, Southwest Silver & Turquoise Jewelry, Hand Carved Kachina Dolls, Pueblo Pottery, Hand-Woven Southwest Baskets and Navajo Rugs.  We purchase daily directly from Native American Artists who visit us.  We also regularly purchase collections of Vintage Native American Jewelry. For authentic Indian Jewelry and Art, visit our shop in the Heart of Oak Creek Canyon, 10 miles north of Sedona and 20 miles south of Flagstaff, on Highway 89A.

Tucked away in the heart of Oak Creak Canyon, lies the hidden gem, Hoel’s Indian Shop.


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