Special Collection

Special Collection

Native American Indian art, like all forms of art, has its Rembrandts or Monets – figures who have so distinguished themselves in their craft that collectors seek to acquire their work at every opportunity. These artists – whose ranks include Lee Yazzie, Jessie Monongya, Mckee Platero, Maria Martinez, and Margaret Tafoya – have a singular dedication to quality and put demonstrable time into their work.

Highly collectable pieces come not just from “named” artists but sometimes from a specific era, region, or pueblo. For example, a bracelet made from coin silver with a repose design from the early 1900s is much more collectable than a similar looking piece from the 1970s. Late 1800s Apache or Pima baskets are much more collectable than their modern – yet still stunning – counterparts. Though artists of the era were not yet signing their work, the quality is unmistakable.

Not only the artist, but also their materials, can make a piece collectable. Stones from highly desirable rare turquoise mines such as Lone Mountain, Bisbee, #8 Mine, Lander Blue, or Red Mountain are especially coveted, as many of these mines no longer produce. Natural red Mediterranean coral and natural opal have become rare and more valuable.

Our Special Collection highlights some of these truly remarkable Native American arts.

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