Eloy Talahytewa Broadface Hopi Kachina


Broadface Kachina Doll by Hopi Artist, Eloy Talahytewa

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One piece hand-carved and painted Broadface “Wuyak-kuita” Kachina by Hopi artist, Eloy Talahytewa. Every detail of this piece was hand carved from of Cottonwood root and hand painted with great detail   Eloy Talahytewa Broadface Hopi Kachina 

According to Barton Wright’s book Kachinas: A Hopi Artist’s Documentary, Wuyak-kuita “has many forms that have changed through time.  In every ceremony there are guards to prevent any transgression on the path of the kachinas.  In addition, guards or Angry Kachinas were formerly used to enforce community work such as the cleaning of springs.  It is to this category that the Wuyak-kuita belongs.  Wuyak-kuita is most often seen bringing up the rear of the Bean Dance Procession or circling wide at the sides.  He is the one who moves toward the clowns and absolutely terrifies them.  On Third Mesa these are the kachinas who guard the kivas to keep He’-e’-e from approaching too close during the Palolokong Ceremony or from going to the Flute Spring during the same ceremony.  


Eloy Talahytewa



Metal / Material

Cottonwood Root

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