Alice and David Lister

Silversmiths Alice and David Lister, who helm one of today’s most highly regarded families of Navajo jewelers, reflect both tradition and contemporary style in their stunning hand-cast work.

Alice often features blue-green Turquoise Mountain stones in her pieces, which draw inspiration from her dreams and from the stones, as well as from modern fashion. In a Sedona Monthly article, “Romancing the Stones”, she notes, “I look through modern fashion magazines and put the turquoise where the diamonds are.” David is drawn to coral and stamp work. When they collaborate, David makes his own stamp dies and Alice acts as lapidary.

The couple married in 1972 and has been making silver and gold jewelry together since 1975. Their small, tidy workshop on the Navajo reservation in northeastern Arizona hosts both Alice and David, as well as their daughter Dee Nez and, on weekends, her younger sister Clarissa Hale and husband Vernon – all accomplished jewelers. (Andrienna Tapaha and Andee Lister, two other Lister daughters, craft jewelry in Flagstaff.)

Alice and David work only with galleries in Sedona. We’re grateful for our exclusive relationship with the Listers.

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