Piki Wadsworth Lone Mountain Turquoise Necklace


Lone Mountain Turquoise Nugget Necklace by Hopi artist, Piki Wadsworth

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Lone Mountain Turquoise Nugget and Silver/Gold Bead Necklace by Hopi artist, Piki Wadsworth.  Piki has has used about 750cts of high grade natural turquoise nuggets and paired them with handmade sterling silver and 14kt gold beads.  The silver beads are handmade and wrapped with 14kt gold.  The Hopi turquoise necklace is finished with hand made sterling silver cones, chain and a hook.  The beads measure 20″ long plus the additional 7″ making a total length of 27″.  Contact us for price.

Using only the highest-grade turquoise and other stones, she hand-carves and polishes the stones into beautiful necklaces, earrings and pendants. She was taught the art of bead making by her parents and when she was younger, she would drill the beads for them. Piki uses only the best natural turquoise from mines such as Sleeping Beauty, Lone Mountain, Bisbee and Castle Dome. Her mother is master artist and bead maker, Cheryl Yestewa.

“I am very proud and it is very important to me that I carry on the tradition of bead making. Since I was girl little I have loved stones. Now that I am older working with stones, taking each piece of raw rough Turquoise and making in to a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear and to cherish bring such a good feeling to my heart. I love it more and more each day and I feel very fortunate to have learned such a beautiful art.”

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Piki Wadsworth


Total Measurement of Necklace is 27"

Metal / Material

Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold




Natural Lone Mountain Turquoise Nuggets

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