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Coral and Trade Bead Necklace 1970’s

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A wonderful ten strand coral and antique trade bead necklace. 14kt gold beads accent the trade beads and it is finished with 14kt gold cones, hook and eye.   It was originally purchased by Don and Nita Hoel around 1970 from noted trade bead collector, Richard Leroy.  The trade beads that were used in the July, 1971 issue of Arizona Highways were attributed to Mr. Leroy.  We will include a copy of the Arizona Highways with the necklace as it is a great source of information for trade beads.  Some of the antique trade beads included are a large Chevron bead at the bottom, white and dark blue Hudson Bay faceted beads, a float copper Hohokam bell, a blue mandrel wound Padre bead, a round hubbell bead, several Venetian Blackhearts, several small Chevron beads, a cool Amber bead, a Dutch Delpht bead and a 1914 dime.

Trade Beads were decorative glass beads used between the 15th and 20th century as a currency to exchange for goods and services. The beads were made mainly in Venice but also in some other European Countries. The beads were traded throughout Africa and North and South America.

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Metal / Material

14kt Gold


Antique Trade Beads, Coral


Measures 25" Long Including Cones, Hook and Eye

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