AJ Nequatewa Shell Heishi Necklace


Beautiful Three Strand Necklace Finished with an Abalone Shell by AJ Nequatewa


Product Description

By artist, AJ Nequatewa, three strands of brown heishi are strung with abalone shell beads, pink mother of pearl beads, rice pearls, royston turquoise, white shell and 18kt gold accents. The necklace is finished with an exquisite hand-carved iridescent abalone shell. Handmade 18kt gold accents are seen at the bottom of the necklace and the abalone shell is attached with a handmade 18kt gold bale.  It is finished with handmade an 18kt gold hook and eye.

Tuve’hongnöm is the Hopi name of AJ Nequatewa (artist), when translated from Hopi it means “Juniper Girl Standing Tall”.  AJ’s  mother is Navajo and her father is Hopi.  She comes from the village of Hotevilla, on Third Mesa. AJ is a contemporary Indigenous artist whose work explores the relationship between modern Indigenous cultures, with a respect for Indigenous traditions.  The pieces she makes are the result of a hope to make authentic innovative Indigneous art. Having learned traditional art techniques from her family’s line of artists, she is the grand-daughter of Verma Nequatewa, she continues to use traditional processes and modern techniques to utilize highly valued Indigenous materials (such as: turquoise, dentalium shells, fresh water pearls, par fleche, abalone shell, etc.,) to create thoughtful, and unique pieces for her clients. “The designs found in my work are inspired by my two Tribal Nations with a flare of my own. I think there should be NO limits to what is considered Native American Art, all art made by Native Americans is Indigenous art.”

Additional information


AJ Nequatewa


Hopi and Navajo

Metal / Material

18kt Gold


Pink Mother of Pearl Shell, Rice Pearls, White Clam Shell, Abalone Shell, Natural Royston Turquoise


Beads Measure 26" Long ~ Abalone Shell Measures 2" by 2-1/2"

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