Vintage Leo Poblano Zuni Snake Dancer Earrings


Vintage Snake Dancer Earrings by Zuni Artist, Leo Poblano


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These tiny works of art were handmade by Zuni artist, Leo Poblano.  They are finely crafted Zuni Snake Dancers, each inlaid with coral, jet, mother of pearl, turquoise and abalone shell.  A silver snake finishes the design.  From the private collection of Don and Nita Hoel, collected in the 1950’s.

Leo Poblano was considered to be one to the most highly accomplished Zuni artists of his time.  Born about 1905, he tragically died in 1959 in a firefighting accident.  He was a master at the technique of mosaic inlay work. His first wife, Daisy Nampeyo, had studied in Paris and taught Leo many of the lapidary relief techniques that make his work so intricate and unique. His second wife Ida Vacit was able to finish the pieces he had left behind as she was also an accomplished inlay artist. Leo Poblano was among the first of the Zuni inlay artists to use his technique as decorative elements in his carvings. Furthermore, he was one of the first Zuni artists to use inlay and mosaic techniques as artwork. It is this innovation, his impeccable technique and his attention to detail that make his work renowned to this day. He is succeeded by his daughter Veronica who is an impeccable contemporary inlay artist.

Additional information


Leo Poblano


Measure 5/8" by 2"

Metal / Material

Sterling Silver


Coral, Jet, Mother of Pearl Shell, Natural Turquoise


Zuni Pueblo

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