Jesse Robbins Coin Silver Earrings


Barber Quarter Coin Silver Earrings by Jesse Robbins

Product Description

Hand hammered and stamped Barber Quarter coin silver earrings by Jesse Robbins. They are signed on the reverse side, JR.

Jesse Robbins was born raised in Prescott, AZ.  He has spent his life traveling and experiencing the beauty of the Southwest. From an early age, he was introduced to the timeless aesthetics of silver and turquoise. After pursuing a career in archaeology he began a new journey working with his hands and heart. Under the tutelage of Randy, “Bubba” Shackelford and Jock Favour in Prescott, Arizona and with a deep appreciation for the work of Native silversmiths, Jesse is creating wonderful classic jewelry.  Like the first smiths of the Southwest, Jesse creates one of kind tufa cast ingot, hand-wrought coin silver jewelry.  Incredibly labor intensive, this method produces jewelry that is classic, timeless and truly one of kind. He creates his work to be worn and experienced.  The traditional methods of construction Jesse uses results in work that can be worn for a lifetime and like our shared stories and experiences, can be handed down for generations.

Additional information

Metal / Material

Coin Silver


Natural Cheyenne Turquoise


Measure 1" DIameter


Jesse Robbins

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