Perry Shorty Coin Silver Navajo Bracelet Turquoise


Handmade Split Shank Coin Silver Bracelet with Turquoise Mountain Stones by Navajo artist, Perry Shorty

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Handmade split shank coin silver bracelet with three Turquoise Mountain turquoise stones by Navajo artist, Perry Shorty.  The bracelet has repousse and stamping on each side and stamping on each shank.  It is finished with hand drawn twisted wire around the center stone and a row of nine beautifully made round stamped bullets on each side. Perry Shorty Coin Silver Navajo Bracelet Turquoise

Born in Ganado, Arizona in 1964, Perry Shorty began jewelry making in the mid 1980’s. “Perry Shorty makes hand-forged jewelry that reflects the classic early Navajo style.   His methods are those of the early Navajo Silversmiths. Using traditional techniques of the first, second and third phase jewelers (1880 to 1940’s), Perry creates jewelry that has lead him to become one of the most collectable and sought after Navajo jewelers working today. He melts ‘Charles Barber’ (1890 to 1915) silver coins and from a carved tufa mold casts them into ingots.  With a hammer he begins pounding. Then  along with files, chisels and his hand-made stamps he forms melted silver into beautiful wearable art.”  Taken from Perry Shorty‘s Website.


Perry Shorty



Metal / Material

Coin Silver


Measures 1-1/4" Wide ~ Inside measures 5-7/8" with a 1" Opening

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