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Hand-Crafted Acoma Pueblo Pot by Lucy Lewis

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Wonderful handmade pot with intricately painted design by Matriarch Acoma Pueblo potter, Lucy Lewis. Don and Nita Hoel visited Acoma Pueblo on Easter around 1975 and bought pots from Lucy.  They all had an unusual woven edge and she called them her Easter pots.  It also includes a lighting and rain design.

Lucy Lewis is one of the great Matriarch potters of the past century. She learned to make pottery on her own and revived the pottery making process at Acoma Pueblo. Her children Dolores, Emma, Carmel, and Andrew, learned to make pottery from their mother. Lucy’s pottery is featured in numerous books, videos, and museum collections worldwide. “Lucy M. Lewis” by Susan Peterson is the most authoritative work on her pottery.

Lucy’s pottery is made from a gray clay-body and formed by hand using coils. After the pot is shaped and dried, a white slip is applied. Without the clay slip, the mineral paints would run off the pot. Next, the design is applied using a brush made from yucca, which holds more color and makes more delicate lines than regular brushes bought at an art supply store. Finally, on a day when the weather is right for a firing outdoors, a small number of finished pieces are carefully fired.

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Lucy Lewis


Acoma Pueblo


Measures 4-1/2" Wide by 5" High

Metal / Material

Natural Pueblo Clay

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