Kachin Mana by Michael Talahytewa


One Piece Kachin Mana Kachina by Hopi Artist, Michael Talahytewa

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One piece hand-carved and painted Kachin Mana Kachina holding Piki bread and pottery by Hopi artist, Michael Talahytewa.

Michael was born in Tuba City and grew up in Moencopi. AZ on the Hopi reservation where he still resides today. He grew up with his parents Stacy Sr. and Louise and his 3 brothers and 8 sisters. Colleen, Bobby, and Elsie Talahy
tewa are also very good carvers. Michael started carving when he was 15 years old. He was inspired by his father who he use to watch carve.

One piece carving takes a lot of time, concentration, imagination, and patience to create the finest quality by hand. Michael is also very involved with the day to day life of the village and the dances. He also works, so he has little time to carve.

We feel very fortunate when he comes into the shop with a Kachina and customers that buy his dolls feel fortunate too.


Michael Talahytewa




Doll height 10". Overall height 13".

Metal / Material

Cottonwood Root

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