Faren Talahytewa Kau-a Kachina Hopi Kachina


One piece hand-carved and painted Kau-aKachina by Hopi artist Faren Talahytewa

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One piece hand-carved and painted Kau-a Kachina by Hopi artist, Faren Talahytewa. Faren has carved this Katsina from one piece of cottonwood root including the base, the bow and the feathers.  The tufts of yarn and feathers around the mask are wonderful!  The hands and the sash are masterfully carved as well.  Faren was dancing this past weekend and raising funds for the dance.  Faren Talahytewa Kau-a Kachina Hopi Kachina

According to Barton Wright’s book Kachinas: A Hopi Artist’s Documentary, “Kau-a or Quoi-a Kachina is the old-style Navajo Kachina who sings in Navajo when he appears in a regular kachina dance.  There are tow quite distinct types of this kachina; the older style has a yellow and red chevron over the nose and enormous tufts of yarn and feathers.  He may appear in the Plaza dances or in the Pachavu at Mishongnovi.  He may also appear in the line of the Chief Kachinas where he serves as a helper for the Pachavu Manas.”


Faren Talahytewa




Doll Height is 10-1/2" ~ Total Height is 12"

Metal / Material

Cottonwood Root

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