Larry Vasquez

Larry was born in Silver City, New Mexico on April 15th, 1947. Larry is a descendant of Aztec, Apache, Mayan and Muscalero. His father was a musician and artist. His grandfather a harvester of the earth’s gifts… silver and gold. His great-grandfather of Mayan descendant, was a flute maker.


Larry is, as all true artists are, a bit of a dreamer, poet and visionist. He is a man of colorful personality, passionate, sensitive, emotional, truthful, impetuous, vivacious, respectful and intense. He honors life … God and all children of the universe. He is one with all, encompassing all within.

Much of Larry’s inspirations for art and poetry come through the beauty of nature. Hence his love and passion to work with colorful gems and minerals of our earth. Not satisfied with the common, Larry searches for the highest quality which he has built his reputation on. Larry often blends gold, silver and platinum to produce vivid, breathtaking colors with incredible beauty, quality and uniqueness all there own. Each piece of jewelry is unique.


Larry hand crafts all of his rounded bead necklaces with or without pendants, holding beautifully rare cabachons of the highest quality and grade. His tufa cast contemporary style “Cuff” bracelets are accented with beautiful gems, each telling their own story. His inlay work is impeccably done.


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