Eloy Talahytewa

Kachina carver, Eloy Talahytewa, Sr. is a fine kachina carver from the Village of Moenkopi on the Hopi Reservation. He was born in Tuba City in 1964 and his clan is the Coyote Clan. Eloy is noted for his detailed and realistic figures. He began carving when he was 13 years old beginning with old style dolls and has progressed to very finely carved one-piece dolls.

Eloy comes from a family of 8 some who are excellent carvers including his brother, Faren. Eloy’s parents were Gibson and Bernice Talahytewa who are both deceased.

Eloy carves his dolls in the traditional material of cottonwood with precision detail and three- dimensional attention to every surface and angle.

Artist Statement:

“I enjoy carving eagles and owls. I would like to thank the people and families who purchase my dolls. Thank you for supporting by self-employment. I am very grateful. I love to carve my dolls, but it takes me a while to finish my dolls due to hand problems at time.”

“Hello everyone, my name is Eloy Talahytewa, Sr. and I come from the Village of Moenkopi on the Hopi Reservation. I am Hopi, my clan is coyote and I have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. I have 4 grandchildren whom I am blessed to be a grandfather to as well as being a father to my children. I am 58 years old and I was born in Tuba City, AZ.

“I come from a family of 8 and both of my parents, Gibson and Bernice Talahytewa are now deceased. I have cousins and nieces from the Talahytewa family who carve dolls. I have been carving since I was 13years old. I learned from one of the elderly carvers by watching and learning from him. I then made my own kachina dolls and currently I am a kachina doll carver and make one-piece kachina dolls. At times I make old style kachina dolls as well and I make drums and repair them.

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