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Craig Agoodie

Hopi artist, Valjean Lalo is a consummate artist bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary.  He lives a very traditional Hopi life at the village of Hotevilla on Third Mesa farming and creating his artwork.  Valean weaves traditional Hopi clothing including sashes, kilts and dresses using cotton that he spins himself.  He also carves kachinas.   […]

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Valjean Lalo – Hopi Artist

Hopi artist, Valjean Lalo is a consummate artist bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary.  He lives a very traditional Hopi life at the village of Hotevilla on Third Mesa farming and creating his artwork.  Valean weaves traditional Hopi clothing including sashes, kilts and dresses using cotton that he spins himself.  He also carves kachinas.   […]

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Michael Talahytewa

Kokopelli Hopi Kachina Michael Talahytewa $780.00 SOLD Kachin Mana by Michael Talahytewa $1,600.00 Add to cart Michael Talahytewa Eagle Hopi Kachina $4,200.00 SOLD Michael Talahytewa Michael Talahytewa recently hand-crafted a spectacular Eagle Dancer. He photographed the process from cottonwood root to finished Kachina. We have made a short video showing the artistry and work that [...]
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David Jensen

David Jensen Whipper Hopi Kachina $2,600.00 Add to cart Shulawitsi Hopi Kachina David Jensen $1,200.00 Add to cart Prairie Falcon Hopi Kachina by David Jensen $2,800.00 Add to cart DAVID JENSEN HOPI KACHINA CARVER Hopi carver, David Jensen was born in Tuba City in March 1972. He is of the Paaqapwungwa clan (Reed/Bamboo). Raised in [...]
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Piki Wadsworth

Lone Mountain Turquoise Necklace by Piki Wadsworth Price on Request Buy product Turquoise Necklace by Piki Wadsworth $3,200.00 Add to cart Turquoise Earrings by Piki Wadsworth $275.00 SOLD Piki Wadsworth Hopi Jewelry Maker Piki Wadsworth is carrying on the tradition of the finest bead making that very few Native American artists or any other artists [...]
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Jennifer Curtis

Turquoise Bracelet by Jennifer Curtis $1,400.00 Add to cart Navajo Sterling Silver Cuff by Jennifer Curtis $825.00 SOLD Jennifer Curtis Bracelet $420.00 SOLD Jennifer Curtis Jennifer with her dad, Thomas. Jennifer Curtis, the most respected woman Navajo silversmith working today in a traditional yet innovative style, is known for her stamp and file designs with [...]
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Native American Artist Earl Plummer Hoels Indian Shop

Earl Plummer Jewelry

Turquoise Inlay Bracelet by Earl Plummer $550.00 Add to cart Chinese Turquoise Bracelet by Earl Plummer $550.00 Add to cart Multi Stone Wide Bracelet by Earl Plummer $900.00 Add to cart Earl Plummer Jewelry Award Winning Navajo Artist Earl Plummer jewelry award-winning Navajo designs, of the Salt Clan and Edge of the Water Clan, are known for drawing [...]
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Kee Yazzie Jr.

Silver Navajo Pendant Kee Yazzie $240.00 Add to cart Silver Overlay Navajo Pendant Kee Yazzie $260.00 Add to cart Kee Yazzie, Jr. Navajo Jeweler Kee Yazzie was born in 1969, went to school in Ganado, Arizona, and attended college in Utah, where he studied architectural and drafting design. He speaks multiple languages, including Laotian, Thai, [...]
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Edison Cummings

Edison Cummings Navajo Inlaid Bracelet $2,800.00 SOLD Edison Cummings Navajo Bracelet $2,800.00 Add to cart Navajo Silver Cuff by Edison Cummings $1,100.00 Add to cart Edison Cummings Artist Master Navajo Jeweler Edison Cummings is an award-winning Navajo jewelry artist. He's remarkable for his exquisitely detailed silver and turquoise jewelry and unique mix of tradition and [...]
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Ray Lovato

Variscite Tab Necklace by Ray Lovato $850.00 Add to cart Ray Lovato Santa Domingo artist Ray Lovato is known for his use of natural turquoise, which is both more valuable than treated turquoise and more difficult to work with. In Silver + Stone, he notes: “I like to challenge myself. After buying turquoise I have [...]
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Ida Sahmie

Ida Sahmie Yei Pottery Hopi Navajo $600.00 Add to cart Yei Figure Pottery by Ida Sahmie $1,650.00 Add to cart Night Chant Tile by Ida Sahmie $225.00 SOLD Ida Sahmie Award-winning Ida Sahmie is known best for her pastiche of Navajo designs and Hopi pottery techniques. “Ida’s work straddles both cultures, and she reached the [...]
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Dina Huntinghorse

Dina Huntinghorse Lone Mountain Ring $1,400.00 Add to cart Turquoise Ring by Dina Huntinghorse $1,250.00 Add to cart 14kt Gold Ring by Dina Huntinghorse $2,400.00 SOLD Dina Huntinghorse Wichita jewelry designer Dina Huntinghorse incorporates a blend of traditional and contemporary jewelry techniques to create masterful works of wearable art. Although gold and silver work is [...]
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Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild

Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild Organized in 1941 in Ft. Wingate, New Mexico, and started as a co-op in Pine Springs, Arizona, in 1942, the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild is wholly owned by the Navajo Nation and has been creating jewelry, arts, and crafts for over 70 years. According to Bille Hougart in “Native [...]
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Alvin Yellowhorse

Alvin Yellowhorse Inlay Link Navajo Bracelet $2,600.00 Add to cart Alvin Yellowhorse Cobble Inlay Bracelet $1,600.00 Add to cart Inlaid Buckle by Alvin Yellowhorse $1,600.00 Add to cart Cobble Inlay Bracelet by Alvin Yellowhorse $5,800.00 SOLD Alvin Yellowhorse Just a few miles west of Gallup, NM., nestled among the canyons & hills of the small [...]
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Cheryl Yestewa

Cheryl Yestewa Turquoise Bead Necklace Price on Request Read more Cheryl Yestewa Turquoise Necklace $4,500.00 SOLD Cheryl Yestewa Hopi Earrings Turquoise Coral $520.00 SOLD Cheryl Yestewa Cheryl Yestewa was born May 20th, 1958. She is half Hopi and half Navajo. Her father, Carroll Yestewa was from the Hopi villages of Kykotsmovi and Oraibi. He was [...]
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Leo Yazzie

14kt Gold Ring by Leo Yazzie $1,950.00 Add to cart Leo Yazzie 14kt Gold Lapis Pendant $1,400.00 Add to cart Leo Yazzie Navajo Artist, Leo Yazzie was born and raised at Black Mesa, Arizona and currently resides in Flagstaff, AZ with his wife, Carolyn. He got interested in jewelry-making while taking an elective class in [...]
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Lee and Mary Weebothee

Sugilite Ring by Lee and Mary Weebothee $650.00 Add to cart Lee and Mary Weebothee Lee and Mary Weebothee are master Zuni silversmiths and inlay artists from the Zuni Pueblo. Mary unfortunately passed away in 1993. They both made jewelry since the 1940’s and Lee has said that they sold to wonderful traders like C.G. [...]
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Larry Vasquez

14kt Gold Opal Bracelet Bracelet by Larry Vasquez Price on Request Read more Coral/Opal Bead Necklace by Larry Vasquez Price on Request Read more Larry Vasquez Larry was born in Silver City, New Mexico on April 15th, 1947. Larry is a descendant of Aztec, Apache, Mayan and Muscalero. His father was a musician and artist. [...]
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Isaiah Ortiz

Isaiah Ortiz Handmade Silver Bracelet $560.00 Add to cart Handmade Silver Ring Isaiah Ortiz $420.00 Add to cart Isaiah Ortiz Rutilated Quartz Silver Ring $1,400.00 Add to cart Isaiah Ortiz Isaiah was born in 1977 and raised at the San Filipe Pueblo in New Mexico. Isaiah grew up helping his father, Raymond Twinhorse, an accomplished [...]
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Darryl Dean Begay

Coin Silver Bracelet by Darryl Begay $1,280.00 Add to cart Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet by Darryl Begay $1,800.00 Add to cart Coin Silver Ring by Darryl Begay $740.00 Add to cart Darryl Dean Begay Darryl has created his own niche in the Native American Art world. His unique style of jewelry, is rich in Navajo culture [...]
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Rena Charles

Beaded Navajo Necklace Earrings Rena Charles $110.00 Add to cart Beaded Navajo Necklace Earrings Rena Charles $110.00 Add to cart Beaded Navajo Necklace Earrings Rena Charles $110.00 SOLD Rena Charles Navajo Jeweler Rena Charles was born in Cameron, Arizona. The eldest of nine children, she was raised in Cameron in a traditional Navajo family. Rena went [...]
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Carl and Irene Clark

Carl Clark Navajo Inlay Necklace Earrings $4,600.00 Add to cart Inlaid Earrings by Carl Clark $2,400.00 SOLD Carl and Irene Clark Navajo Jewelry Carl and Irene Clark are well known for the extremely fine quality and detail that goes into their micro fine intarsia inlay jewelry. Carl and Irene are both Navajo and were from [...]
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Ted Pavatea

Ted Pavatea Fishing Koyala Kachina $420.00 Add to cart Ted Pavatea Hopi Clown Kachinas $750.00 Add to cart Mouse Warrior Kachina by Ted Pavatea $480.00 Add to cart Ted Pavatea BORN: July 5th, 1952 Birthplace: Village of Hano, (Tewa Pueblo) Paternal Lineage: Tobacco Maternal Lineage: Spider/Bear Ted is the son of Tewa-Hopi potter Garnet Pavatea, [...]
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Wallace Nez

Wolf Seed Pot by Wallace Nez $525.00 Add to cart Butterfly Seed Pot by Wallace Nez $525.00 Add to cart Buffalo/Eagle Seed Pot by Wallace Nez $600.00 Add to cart Wallace Nez Wallace Nez, originally from Aneth, Utah has over 16 years of experience as a Navajo potter. Wallace was raised by loving grandparents, Roy [...]
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Alice and David Lister

Kingman Turquoise Bracelet by Alice Lister $750.00 Add to cart Silver Bolo Tie by David Lister $580.00 Add to cart Coral Necklace by David Lister $1,200.00 SOLD Alice and David Lister Silversmiths Alice and David Lister, who helm one of today's most highly regarded families of Navajo jewelers, reflect both tradition and contemporary style in [...]
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Carl Luthey

Carl Luthey Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace $5,200.00 Add to cart Carl Luthey Carl W Luthey in the 1960's the 70's had excellent Navajo Silversmiths working for him making the jewelry that he designed.  Much of his jewelry has the leaf and flower design that was so popular then.  Some of the artists that worked with him were [...]
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Greg Lewis

Dyaami Lewis Blue Gem Turquoise Earrings $325.00 SOLD Silver and Bisbee Turquoise Box by Greg Lewis $3,600.00 SOLD #8 Turquoise Bracelet by Greg Lewis $295.00 SOLD Greg Lewis Greg Lewis was born and raised in Richmond, California and moved to the small village of Paguate in 1979. Paguate is one of six villages on the [...]
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Fidel Bahe

Fidel Bahe Squash Blossom Earrings $595.00 Add to cart Silver Bracelet by Fidel Bahe $880.00 Add to cart Silver Bracelet by Fidel Bahe $880.00 Add to cart Fidel Bahe Fidel Bahe was born in 1949. He was raised in a remote area of the Navajo Reservation in Northeastern Arizona, along with his 7 brothers and [...]
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Rebecca Begay

Rebecca Begay Wide Sterling Silver Bracelet $2,200.00 Add to cart Rebecca Begay Sterling Silver Bracelet $1,200.00 Add to cart Rebecca Begay Inspired to be an artist at an early age. Rebecca is pleased that her pursuits are slowly becoming reality. She was taught the Tufa Cast technique by her husband Darryl and greatly enjoys it. [...]
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Zachariah Ben

Sand Painting by Zachariah Ben $880.00 SOLD Zachariah Ben Navajo Sand Painting Artist Zachariah was born June 14th, 1996. He is Navajo and lives in Shiprock, AZ. Zachariah is home schooled so he is able to study his Navajo Traditional Ceremonies. He is already a devoted Medicine Man to the Navajo people. He has been [...]
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Jon Cordero

“Tuhavi” Kachina by Jon Cordero $2,600.00 SOLD Jon Cordero Hopi Kachina Carver Jon Cordero was born June 16th 1968 at the village of Moenkopi, Arizona. He is the son of a Hopi mother and a Cochiti father who died when he was a baby. Jon was raised on the Hopi Reservation but would always spend [...]
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Leekya Deyuse

Zuni Eagle Fetish by Edison Bobelu $30.00 Add to cart Silver Turquoise Buckle by Robert and Bernice Leekya $750.00 SOLD "Old Man" Leekya Deyuse – Master Zuni Fetish Carver Leekya Deyuse (Leek-yah Day-you-see), was probably the most well known and one of the finest fetish carvers in the history of Zuni. Born in 1889, Leekya [...]
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Ron Honyumptewa – Hopi Katsina Carver

Aya Runner Hopi Kachina Ron Honyumptewa $1,200.00 Add to cart Runner Hopi Kachina by Ron Honyumptewa $2,400.00 SOLD Hopi Lizard Kachina by Ron Honyumptewa $995.00 SOLD Ron Honyumptewa Hopi Katsina Carver Ron Honyumptewa is from the village of lower Moenkopi located east of Tuba City, Arizona. He comes from a family of fine Katsina carvers [...]
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Gloria Kahe

Gloria Kahe Gloria Kahe is a Dene’ or Navajo woman who married into a Hopi family of potters. She learned from one of the respected masters, Marcella Kahe. As a result of her excellent training, Gloria’s pottery is made in the traditional way. Her pottery is beautiful, well formed and designed. She has branched away [...]
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Andy Lee Kirk

Andy Lee Kirk Andy Lee Kirk was a Master contemporary Native American artist of Isleta and Navajo heritage, who died tragically at the height of his career at the age of 54. He created beautiful gold and silver jewelry using the finest materials from 1970 to 2001. Born in 1947, he originally earned a degree [...]
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Santa Clara Potter Severa Tafoya

Severa Tafoya – Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

Severa Tafoya (1890-1973) is one of the finest and most well known (d.)Santa Clara potters. She is listed in the book “14 families in pueblo pottery by Rick Dillingham” on pages 158-160.  Severa’s mother was Leocadia Gutierrez and her father was Thomas Dozier. Her brother, also well known, Evangelo (Van) Gutierrez was married to Lela [...]
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Lawrence Namoki

Residing atop a Hopi mesa, this potter has become nationally recognized Lawrence Namoki grew up in the traditional way—no Quarter Pounders at McDonald’s, no Friday nights at the movies—in the insular world of the Hopi people. In his hometown of Walpi, a 300-year-old village on Arizona’s First Mesa, there was nothing for kids to do […]

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The Glittering World

The Yazzie family of Gallup, New Mexico Glittering World presents the story of Navajo jewelry through the lens of the gifted Yazzie family of Gallup, New Mexico—one of the most celebrated jewelry making families of our time. The silver, gold, and stone inlay work of Lee Yazzie and his younger brother, Raymond, has won every […]

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